Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, CogSIMA 2021 will be held in the form of a Virtual Conference. The conference virtual form offers novel exciting opportunities, allowing a wider audience to participate in the conference who otherwise would not have been able to travel to the conference location.

Accessing the Virtual Conference

We will use the video-conferencing software Zoom for the virtual conference. If you are not familiar with Zoom, please consult for downloading their free client software, which also offers instructive video tutorials. On most systems, Zoom sessions can easily be joined from one's web browser by opening the URL to this Zoom meeting.

Please refer to the conference program for joining the conference Zoom sessions - each session description contains the URL to the corresponding Zoom session. The URL will be added soon. 

Accessing the Conference Proceedings

Conference attendees will be able to access the conference proceedings. Manuscripts will be available for download from the conference program by clicking the corresponding paper title, which will direct to the pdf.


Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mica Endsley will present a keynote address on Situation Awareness & Automation: The Boeing 737-Max8 .

Registration is now open.
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Author registration deadline is March 31 Please register here

New Conference Dates: May 14-22, 2021.

Mar 26: Prof. Peeter Lorents will instruct a tutorial on The journey from Similar to Plausible Situations: Human and Mathematical Aspects.
Feb 22: Dr. Gabriel Jakobson (CyberGem Consulting, USA) will instruct a tutorial on Introduction to Mission-Centric Cyber Security Situation Management.
Jan 7: Prof. Katia Sycara (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) will present a keynote address. 
Nov 19: Dr. William D. Casebeer (Riverside Research’s Open Innovation Center, USA) will present a keynote address on Human-Machine Teaming: Evolution or Revolution, and the Ethical Dimensions of Cyborgs.
Nov 16: Deadline Extension: Paper submissions are due Jan 11, 2021.
Nov 16: Prof. Susan Stepney (University of York, UK) will present a keynote address on Computation as a dynamical system.
Nov 02: Prof. Ann Bisantz (University at Buffalo, USA) and Dr. Emilie Roth (Roth Cognitive Engineering, USA) will instruct a tutorial on Getting Support Right: User and Use System Testing using a Work-centered Approach.
Oct 21: Prof. William Lawless (Paine College, USA) will instruct a tutorial on Interdependence and vulnerability in systems: Applying theory to define situations for autonomous systems. 
Sep 24: The IEEE CogSIMA official website is online! 



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